myOSL dosimeter

The myOSL dosimeter is probably the smallest OSL whole body dosimeter on the market. It contains two Beryllium Oxide detectors which are used for Hp(10)/deep dose and Hp(0.07)/skin dose. Beryllium Oxide (BeO) is a perfect OSL materials with high dosimetry characteristic. BeO is  tissue equivalent and therefore highly suitable for personal dosimetry.

myOSL dosimeter covers

myOSL dosimeter sealed in a blister

myOSL blister

One whole body badge solution is the myOSL dosimeter sealed in a blister which protects the OSL dosimeter against water, dust and dirt. It also provides the possibility to add a label on the front and rear side of the OSL blister which can show the information of the wearing person like name, department, wearing period, e.t.c.

The myOSL dosimeter is also protected agains unauthorized opening of the dosimeter which could influence the dose results (double-protection).

myOSL holder

Another solution are our holders which keeps the smart and small design of our myOSL dosimeter. The holder can be equipped with a crocodile clip to attach the dosimeter to your coat pocket. A special depression provides space for a label which can include a name, wearing period, barcode, company logo,...

OSL dosimeter for OSL reader called myOSL


OSL dosimeter for myOSL OSL reader
myOSL dosimeter
OSL personal dosimeter AlO

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