most advanced dosimetry system

our myOSL system is an innovativ and reliable dosimetry system for personal (myOSLraser 2.0 & myOSLraser 4.0) and medical (myOSLchip) dosimetry. It combines an OSL reading unit plus eraser in one system. 


The best choice to start with new dosimetry equipment or to replace your existing technology. 

Our myOSL system is very user-friendly and allows you to keep your focus on your clients while we keep our focus on your satisfaction.


Please have a look on our different solutions and feel free to contact us in case of any questions.


myOSL 2.0

OSL reader BeO dosimeter
myOSLraser automatic 200

myOSL 4.0

BeO OSL reader eraser Panasonic
myOSLraser automatic 50


nanoDot BeO OSL reader medical dosimetry

The myOSL System was developed in cooperation between Freiberg Instruments, RADCARD and RadPro International