myOSL 4.0 

most modern OSL system which is growing with your needs...

4 Element Dosimeter

our 4 element OSL Dosimeter is equipped with 3 different Hp(10) filters which allows us to calculate a flat energy response for Hp(10) over a wide energy range. It also provides estimated dose of Hp(0.07) and Hp(3). The dosimeter itself is only 49 x 23mm which is one of the smallest 4 element passive dosimeter in the world. Identifikation via DataMatrix Code and  RFID Chip. 


Energy response: 16keV up to 7MeV

Dose response: 0.05mSv to 10Sv


The dosimeter is equivalent to the dosimeter dimension of the Panasonic TLD card. This makes it possible to reuse the Cs-137 irradiator of Panasonic or to reuse Panasonic magazines with small modifications.

OSL dosimeter with BeO
myOSL 4 Element Dosimeter

4 element BeO dosimeter which meets the latest IEC-62387
myOSL 4 element OSL dosimeter with moulded BeO detectors

OSL single detector

our OSL single detector based on BeO are marced with unique number and related 2D code which will be identified in our myOSLraser with a special barcode scanner. 


The single detectors can be used in our finger ring or eye lens dosimeter.

OSL Extremity and Eye lens dosimeter

OSL reader and eraser for 4 element BeO dosimeter
myOSLraser 4.0

myOSLraser 4.0

the myOSLraser 4.0 is the basic unit of our 4 element dosimetry system which we offer. It is an automatic reader with a loading capacity of one dosimeter.It processes 4 element dosimeter or single elements which are used for extremity or eye lens dosimetry. The myOSLraser is a compact, easy to use and high quality system. It combines the reading and erasing process in one system to keep a high workflow.


The myOSLraser 4.0 can be upgraded with an automatic unit with a loading capacity of up to 50 dosimeter (see myOSLautomatic 50) or up to two myOSLraser 4.0 can be installed in the myOSL 4000 which has a loading capacity of 3500 dosimeters (with sorting option) or 4000 dosimeters (without sorting option).



myOSLautomatic 50

The myOSLraser 4.0 can easily be upgraded to an automatic system to process 50 dosimeters per loading. 


It comes with 10 magazines which can be loaded with 50 myOSL dosimeter each.

OSL automatic unit for OSL dosimeter
myOSLautomatic 50

myOSLautomatic 500

next automation unit for our myOSLraser is the myOSLautomatic to load up to 500 dosimeter per loading.


It will be used with the same magazines like the myOSLautomatic 50 or myOSL 4000.




OSL reader for up to 4000 OSL dosimeter
myOSL 4000

myOSL 4000

myOSL 4000 is our automatic cabinet which provides a loading capacity of up to 4000 OSL dosimeters. The system can be equipped with up to two myOSLraser 4.0 for fast processing. Alternatively one of the myOSLraser 4.0 can be temporary replaced with our myOSLirradiator 4.0 for automatic dosimeter calibration.


Another upgrade is the sorting option where dosimeters will be placed in up to 2 different magazines according to the reasons for rejection.  With sorting option the myOSL 4000 has a loading capacity up to 3500 OSL dosimeters.


OSLdosimetry is a user friendly operating software which allows OSL dose measurements as standard user or calibration and setting features for professionals (password protected). The OSLdosimetry software provides individual dosimeter sensitivity calibration which makes the dose reading very precise. Additionally it include the history of OSL dosimeters e.g. OSL life time + OSL life time dose, number of OSL readings, last OSL read out will be stored in the database.