myOSL 2.0

most compact OSL system for personal dosimetry

myOSL dosimeter holder

The myOSL dosimeter is probably the smallest OSL whole body dosimeter on the market. It contains two Beryllium Oxide detectors which are used for Hp(10)/deep dose and Hp(0.07)/skin dose. Beryllium Oxide (BeO) is a perfect OSL materials with high dosimetry characteristic. BeO is  tissue equivalent and therefore highly suitable for personal dosimetry.


The holder can be equipped with a crocodile clip to attach the dosimeter to your coat pocket. A depression provides space for a label which can include a name, wearing period, barcode, company logo,...

BeO OSL dosimeter for personal dosimetry
myOSL dosimeter - red

BeO OSL dosimeter Hp(0.07) Hp(10)
myOSL dosimeter - green
BeO OSL dosimeter Hp(10) Hp(0.07) IEC-62387
myOSL dosimeter - blue

OSL badge BeO Hp(10) personal dosimetry IEC-62387
myOSL dosimeter badges - colour examples

BeO OSL blister
myOSL blister

myOSL blister holder

Another whole body badge solution is the myOSL dosimeter sealed in a blister which protects the OSL dosimeter against water, dust and dirt. It also provides the possibility to add a label on the front and rear side of the OSL blister which can show the information of the wearing person like name, department, wearing period, etc.

The myOSL dosimeter is also protected against unauthorized opening of the dosimeter which could influence the dose results (double-protection).


myOSLraser 2.0

OSL reader for myOSL dosimeter based on BeO
OSL reader - myOSLraser - basic unit

myOSLraser - most advanced OSL system for personal dosimetry

The OSL reader myOSLraser 2.0 (reader + eraser) is an automatic device for evaluation of OSL dosimeters called "myOSL" dosimeters with a loading capacity of one dosimeter manual device for evaluation of its single OSL dosimeter called "myOSL" dosimeters. Equipped with a feeder it automatically processes up to 200 myOSL dosimeter per loading. The myOSLraser also includes an erasing unit (4 LEDs) which also provides the capability of erasing the residual signal from the OSL detectors in the same device. This function can be activated or deactivated if a second readout is requested according to an adjusted dose threshold.


  • automatic drawer for single OSL dosimeters
  • manual or automatic process of up to 200 OSL dosimeter
  • manual system upgradeable to automatic system at any time
  • fast OSL read outs (few seconds)
  • erasing function selectable according to the last dose measurement
  • easy operation
  • self check diagnostic
  • remote control (IP device)
  • no consumables like gas


automatic OSL reader for myOSL dosimeter based on BeO berillium oxide
OSL reader - myOSLraser including automatic feeder

Technical data


OSL reading YES
Erasing function YES
LED stimulation blue, 480nm
Reading time per dosimeter: <10s
Processing speed per hour:

ca. 100/h including erasing

ca. 200/h without erasing

Test light stability: better 1%/a
Power supply voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension: 300 x 230 x 200 mm
Weight: 13kg
automatic OSL reader and OSL eraser for myOSL dosimeter
myOSLraser with automatic unit
myOSLraser - reader and eraser at once
OSL reader for personal dosimetry using BeO elements
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OSLdosimetry is a user friendly operating software which allows OSL dose measurements as standard user or calibration and setting features for professionals (password protected). The OSLdosimetry software provides individual dosimeter sensitivity calibration which makes the dose reading very precise. Additionally it include the history of OSL dosimeters e.g. OSL life time dose, number of OSL readings, last OSL read out,...