in-vivo - patient dosimetry - quality control - PCB dosimetry

myOSLchip is an OSL reader for BeO myOSLchip OSL dosimeter. It can read and erase the remaining signal in the same device.
myOSLchip - manual OSL reader and eraser

myOSLchip is a handheld OSL reader which can be used to read and *erase its compatible dosimeters called myOSLchip dosimeter. The myOSLchip is equipped with a touch display which allows autonomously measurements without PC connection.

Internal Data Matrix scanner identifies the individual number of the myOSLchip dosimeters.

The dosimeters can be used for patient dosimetry, QC of radiation therapy treatment plans, research, PCB dosimetry,…


*erase function only for small dose application. Erasing of High Dose signal recommended with our separate Eraser.

myOSLchip dosimeter

myOSLchip dosimeter is an OSL dosimeter for in-vio, patient dosimetry or QC of radiotherpay treatments
myOSLchip dosimeter - OSL Dosimeter for patient dosimetry, medical dosimetry or other applications
myOSLchip - smallest manual OSL reader designed for myOSLchip dosimeter
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